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DIGITAL LICENSE - A Digital License is an extension of a Mechanical License and grants the licensee permission to reproduce and distribute Permanent Digital Downloads (PDD) of phonorecords/sound recordings of a copyrighted musical composition (lyrics and melody) in audio-only format on platforms such as iTunes, Amazon Music, Spotify, Napster or eMusic.
MASTER LICENSE (PERFORMANCE TRACK) - A Master License grants the licensee permission to lease a particular Performance Track in a ONE-TIME recording for the purpose of creating a new recording which includes the licensed Performance Track.
MECHANICAL LICENSE - A Mechanical License grants the licensee permission to manufacture and distribute phonorecords/sound recordings such as CDs, vinyl, cassettes and flash drives of a copyrighted musical composition in audio-only format.
SYNC LICENSE - A Sync Lincense grants the licensee permission to use the musical composition in an audio-visual production such as a home video, cover song video, coporate video, wedding video, YouTube video, Facebook video, television program, motion picture, video game or interactive media.
If you need to obtain a Print License or a Master License for the use of one of the Sound Recordings in EMG's Publishing
Catalog, please contact us at
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