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The Sync License application fee is $15.00 (non-refundable).


A Sync Lincense grants the licensee the right to use a Musical Composition in an audio-visual production such as a home video, cover song video, coporate video, wedding video, YouTube video, Facebook video, television program, motion picture, video game or interactive media. There are potentially two separate copyrights involved that need to be licensed: The Musical Composition (lyrics & melody) and the Master Sound Recording (the specific studio recording).  To obtain a Master Licence to use a Master Sound Recording/Song from the EMG PUBLISHING CATALOG, please contact us at or through our CONTACT page.


If you intend to display lyrics in your audio-visual production, you will also need a Print Lincense. To obtain a Print Licence to display lyrics of a song from the EMG PUBLISHING CATALOG, please contact us at or through our CONTACT page.


Sync Licenses are custom-negotiated and non-exclusive. EMG and the Musical Composition Copyright Owner will review the information you provide. The $15 application fee will be applied toward the cost of the Sync License. The cost of the Sync License will be determined by how the Musical Composition will be used, how much of the Musical Composition will be used, whether the Musical Composition will be used in its original form or covered by another artist, the popularity of the Musical Composition, as well as the potential of the audio-visual project. Please allow 5-7 Business Days for a response from EMG.


*When checking out, select SYNC LICENSE for your shipping option.



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